Okay but consider the following: using the already used INGAME WRITTEN LANGUAGE the pandaren have, and putting that as their ‘not pandaren, cant understand’ language. Like, I’m not even joking. They have it, ready to go, on almost everything. Sure, it would be the first language in-game that was spoken out as just symbols, but we do know those symbols have meanings and are essentially, the pandaren/mogu language. Would it make sense when translated out from someone watching? Probably not, but most of the things their ‘language’ is written on don’t make sense either. Also: the song of liu lang isn’t actually chinese or mandarin either, it’s something that SOUNDS like it. How did that not land them in ‘hot water’? How would plucking words from their ‘song’ and putting them in their language talking generator box be worse?

would of been better than mountains of Om nom om nom om nom nom nom om nom om nom.

and, idk, they were pretty okay for not giving gilneans their own little language sect, i think I would of rather had that instead of just a spammy, annoying ‘om nom nom’, but that’s just my personal view.

Like, i appreciate your input about the whole thing, but I don’t think I needed a lecture about what or who the pandaren are design wise, especially when you say much of this stuff would of/had gotten them in hot water……….. but it exists in game.




Because now you have to pay someone to convert all of those glyphs into a font, change the chat system to switch to said font whenever someone starts speaking in Pandaren, or rig up whatever they use for raid/target markers (which is a probably a hack itself, considering they were put in game after launch) to handle those glyphs too.

Or they could just replace all Pandaren text w/ an internet meme using a facility that’s already doing the same thing and call it a day.