Actually the implications of this text are fucking with me because as far as everyone thought only Tirion and Sylvanas knew about Bolvar but now Darion is just kind of casually telling everybody about it?


I think he’s making this statement in confidence as you, the hero (or one of the heroes/champions), are assumed to be one of the few who would know about it.

That’s a fair point, actually.

And yeah, I’ve always assumed that DKs in general might have sensed at least something up there, though maybe no specifics. But it’s just weird to have him casually toss that in there. I DON’T KNOW. I just keep forgetting that the player is supposed to be a big hero that knows everything about everything because I don’t RP that, herp.

That’s the implication that I got from interacting with the NPCs in Light’s HamperHammer. There’s one NPC that mentions that he can hear Arthas’ whispers in the citadel. I assume that there still remains some sort of connetion between the Lich King and his death knights. It wouldn’t be too hard to figure out what happens when his whispers stop but the connection remains. 

(It’s how Bolvar orders pizza to ICC.)