okay question, is it ok for me to be getting so pissed over DPS pulling before me? I mean i can thunder clap and steal the aggro back but it like, really pisses me off esp since i like to clear a room of adds before pulling the boss if i can help and when im in the process of doing that and some shitty ass dps pulls the boss i get SO Mad. is it ok or do i need to drink some water and take a walk and just stick to healing?

I get pissed the fuck off when DPS pulls trash
Unless I know the person or I say to them, help me pull all these mobs, DONT FUCKIN PULL
I pull rooms at my own pace and I’m pretty fast at tanking since my warrior is 558 and I can take lots buT OH MAN DPS PULLING SHIT GRINDS MY GEARS

Nope. If they pull it, it’s not your problem. Either they’ll die and the mobs will come your direction anyway (though you should probably grab them if they head for a healer.) Or they’re overgeared enough that they can tank what they pulled.