very special commission of tevruden dawnspear and feiyn bloodfang for prince-of-gays!

(i’m extremely picky about nsfw stuff so as a rule i won’t take commissions for it. but for dante and for these two, i make exceptions 8D)

this is on my always reblog list :3

Not sure why they look so mad, but I adore this pic.

oh honey feiyn ain’t mad. she’s snarling with glee bc she finally found a way to restrain tev

tev, however, is furious bc he’s learned that saronite shackles can’t be broken by brute strength alone and is throwing a tantrum like the huge undead manchild he is. which is exactly what feiyn wants

How excellent to hear from the creator! Thank you, I love having the context, and also the phrase “huge undead manchild”, and especially the tags:

#get him angry gurl #thats how he likes it

This exchange captures 90% of what I love about tumblr. 🙂

See this is actually pretty complicated, Tev isn’t actually that mad. If he was he would have just pulled the shackles out of the wall.

He’s annoyed that he’s shackled.

Howeverthe fact that his girlfriend wanted to put him in shackles, got them made out of a substance he can’t get out of, and then managed to find a tactic to get them into them is really hot.