I, for one, am glad that we are finally getting content that we have been owed for years. However, new content does NOT equal new grinding. I have ground for my gear, specifically, fleet gear. If our gear is to be rendered darn near obsolete compared to the new Mk XIV fleet gear, I want a free upgrade. Outfitting my ships was nowhere near cheap for either my fleet or me. Each piece of my gear cost our fleet 1 provision that we, collectively, ground for. Now, with the new fleet gear, we have pretty much wasted our time, money, and provisions. Consoles alone are 50k FC ,10k dil, and a provision (without discounts). Fleet weapons (advanced) are 10k FC, 9.1k dil, and a provision (With discounts). Etc Etc… all of which we ALL have ground for. Either that, or we paid real money for zen and exchanged it for dilithium. Either way, we are being robbed of all of this and are being forced to grind for all over again. If we can’t at least get a free upgrade… at the very least we should be allowed to sell our fleet gear to the, currently non-existing fleet vendor, for the FULL PRICE we paid to get it, including the provisions! This, of course, should be given (not a new project). Upon the update of the game he/she should just appear. If these reasonable and fair requests cannot be met… you have lost my patronage Cryptic.

Ahh yes STO is learning that Orange is the new BlackGreen is the new Purple.