Like don’t get me wrong I have some fond memories of the general early WrAnet/WotLK period. It’s when I was most active and it provided a lot of personal growth for me as a creator and artist, but it was a deeply flawed time and it’s also not worth dwelling on because storytelling (and life in general) is a forward motion and you can’t spend your time trying to compare now to then. It’ll never happen and it’s one’s own personal responsibility to create things to your standards and interests, not some nebulous ~community’s~.

The post that seems to be getting misread as some hailing of a golden age ruled by a singular guild entity came about from some IRL chat where we were talking about how hard it is to place a certain character in IC guilds, and how that particular old guild’s premise was perfect for them, once upon a time. Nothing about the ~community era~, nothing even meant to glorify the guild itself. Just a reflection on how the concept would have been a good fit.