addendum: DO I EVEN CARE ABOUT BARIYAN LOL OR IS IT LIKE THE ANALOGY IN SMALL GODS WHERE IT TALKS ABOUT HOW THE GOD DISAPPEARS UNDER LAYERS OF TEMPLES AND RITUALS AND SHIT UNTIL THE FOLLOWERS WIND UP WORSHIPPING THE TRAPPINGS OF THE GOD AND NOT THE GOD ITSELF AND SO THE GOD DIES listen i just spent half an hour trying to google for the exact quote and i can’t find it, the point is, i think i like the concept of bariyan more than bariyan himself, that’s shitty, but more importantly it’s 1:30am and i’m gonna go re-read small gods for the 60th time. bye 


‘I am your God, right?’
‘And you’ll obey me.’
‘Good. Now take a rock and go and kill Vorbis.’
Brutha didn’t move.
‘I’m sure you heard me,’ said Om.
‘But he’ll … he’s … the Quisition would –’
Now you know what I mean,’ said the tortoise. ‘You’re more afraid of him than you are of me, now. Abraxas says here: “Around the Godde there forms a Shelle of prayers and Ceremonies and Buildings and Priestes and Authority, until at Last the Godde Dies. Ande this maye notte be noticed.”’
‘That can’t be true!’
‘I think it is. Abraxas says there’s a kind of shellfish that lives in the same way. It makes a bigger and bigger shell until it can’t move around any more, and so it dies.’