oozedaddy replied to your post: Something I’ve never truly appreciated…

I feel like my DK just doesn’t do this animation ever. I remember seeing it on MMO-Champion before it was integrated into the game but I honestly can’t recall ever having my character do it.

I swear I’ve seen mine do it back in the day, though it’s been ages since I’ve played him as blood to see it so it might have been taken out? Apparently paladins use it for Templar’s Verdict, according to lobstmourne.

I’ll be really sad if it’s gone.

Yup it’s the TV animation introduced in MoP.  We do a cute little twirl every time we JUDGE YOU UNWORTHY

Grom says there’s no twirl animation for death strike on live but neither of us have every watched closely. Maybe DKs are just as fancy as their prettier brethren~

nvm they are not lol NO ONE IS AS FANCY AS PALADINS AHAA

Nope, Death Strike uses Special2H