The new Warlords of Draenor trailer got me to start up my subscription again! While I am looking forward to seeing the old Horde warchiefs again, I realize that I’m going to be sinking quite a bit of time into the game. To make it so I don’t completely waste away all that free time, I am drawing a picture for every 5 levels my Death Knight, Frigidbetch, gains until she gets to level 100. 

The rules for this 5 levels progression are simple. Whatever armor/weapon I have at the 5th level is the one that will appear in the next picture. When I get to level 80 I will be doing a picture for every 2.5 levels. And the big part to keep me on track with these rules is that I have to finish and post the picture before I can start playing again. So that should keep me going while leveling!

So this is Frigidbetch, Frost Spec, at level 60. I really enjoyed the Death Knight starting zone since I just love the Plaguelands and anything in them. The Scarlet Monastery is one of my favorite places to run, as well as the All Hallow’s Eve events that take place there. So starting in an area where I get to screw around with the Scarlet Crusade and see them flee to Northrend to become the Scarlet Onslaught makes me quite happy! I can’t wait to post the next few Outland pics!