I don’t mean to be another one of “those guys” but – the cinematic said “35 years ago” so… we ARE going back in time, yeah? I thought only Garrosh/Kairoz/etc went back in time to make their little AU and we went into that “present” AU but.



I believe it was garrosh who time traveled. I thought we were going to a present time au of draenor? Didn’t they say that?

  1. Garrosh goes back in time w/ Kairozdormu.
  2. He stops the orcs from drinking demon blood and forms the Iron Horde (or gets Grom to (probably this.))
  3. The Iron Horde has a massive military buildup thanks to the stuff Garrosh brings back and then builds the Dark Portal. 
  4. When the Dark Portal is opened, Kairozdormu, since he is a ~time dragon~ is able to dial our Azeroth ~35 years in the future.
  5. Since we don’t have Caller ID, we don’t let it go to voicemail and a bunch of Iron Horde orcs come out of the portal (our portal is crammed full of orcs, if you will.)