Trying to gear up for I don’t even know what in WoW.  I don’t know how things work.  Help me.  I am stupid. Assist, please.  Oh god.

Here’s a good place to start!

Warriors are not my niche but a few startoff suggestions are to focus down your hit rating, as you only need 7.5% and you’re at nearly 15% right now. You also need 7.5% expertise and you’re almost there (7.26%), so you could either reforge some of that hit into expertise or use one of those empty gem slots. Your best secondary stat is crit, so reforge away some of that excess hit into crit too!

You have a lot of PvP gear and I’m not sure if your intention is to PvP or raid so I can’t really comment there, but if you want to raid you’ll want to eventually drop it for some more solid stats (but it’s good for now just to get your ilvl up so you can do LFR) (also ditch that tank necklace, you don’t need parry or dodge).

But yeah check out that link and it can give you some more tips about rotation/priority, talents, glyphs, all that good stuff.

I have a mix of gear cause it was simply the best I could get at the time.  🙁  I PvP, but PvE is my main intention.  With the cap stuff, how do I see what % I am at?  Is there a guide for reforging that makes any sense (I’VE NEVER DONE IT, OH GOD)?  I shall check out this link of yours.

There are a couple guides on reforging. Here’s your character’s page on AMR— once you’re there, click on the button that says “optimized” and hover over the gear and it will tell you how to best reforge that piece (which is done at the Ethereal dudes where you do your xmogging). You basically take a little away of one stat and turn it into another.

You can see your percentages on your character page on the right hand side (my hit is super high but I can’t get it down any lower thanks to ALL MY GEAR HAVING IT :()

I think the actual number to hit 7.5% is something like 2500.


Alternately just install ReforgeLite choose your spec, and press the button. PVP gear is pretty ok for PVE, you just don’t get as many gem slots or appropriate set bonuses.