The EredarDraenei were there, but they had only been there for like 200 years.

Which is like 6 months in spacegoat years. They probably hadn’t even finished unpacking.

 Plus they part they had was:

<A Burning Legion Steering Committee Meeting>

Demon 1: We found Velen’s lackeys again.

Demon 2: Where are they now?

Demon 1: Some planet they named after themselves… again.

Mannoroth: It says in this briefing there there’s another species on the planet called O-rcs.

Demon 2: That’s ‘Orcs’, sir.

<Mannoroth’s Fel Drain kills Demon 2>

Mannoroth: Let’s use these Orcs to screw over Velen’s lackeys. I want a situation report this time tomorrow.