First of all, you guys rock! Thank you so much for following me and putting up with my posts, I know I can ramble on quite a lot or complain a lot, yet, here a lot of you are and that means so much to me! And an even bigger thank you to those who’ve stuck with me for many months/years! You guys are really rad!
But yeah, to the thing you guys are all waiting for…


  • First Place: One headshot and a chub!
  • Second Place: One headshot or two chubs.
  • Third Place: One chub.

They will all be coloured.
Sorry it’s not much, but I’m having a lot of art block lately and I don’t want to offer lots of art only to find I can’t draw most of it, so it’s only small ;m; and I’ve also gotta save up money so can’t offer you guys anything… money wise! Maybe if my art block clears up I’ll do a secondary giveaway! uwu


  • Followers only!! It’s a thank you to my followers, so i’m afraid if you’re not following me and I draw your name… tough titties. I’ll redraw someone else.
  • Reblog and like for two entries. 
  • I will contact you via your ask box once the giveaway is over, I will also make a post announcing the winners and tag you in it. 

The End Date for this giveaway and the winners will be drawn is on Tuesday 19th August!

Good luck everybody! And again, thank you so much for all the support and whatnot that you’ve shown me! 😀 <3