Unfortunately if you want to make a lot of gold in WoW you have to put in some time and effort.  

And that’s why I don’t naturally have a lot of gold lol.  The gbank takes care of my repairs and materials.  Like you, I don’t care about playing the AH or farming.  I sell duplicate lvl1 pets sometimes but they’re not worth much on my main server anymore, hardly worth the effort.  

Since I help sell mounts I get a cut of the profits, just not immediately.  

All the gold we earn from SoO is being held in the gbank GM’s pocket (because the bank hit the gold cap whoops lol).  Once WoD rolls around all the gold will be split between the active raiders + large chunk of it will be kept in the gbank for WoD repairs.

That’s how I get my gold at the start of each expansion rofl.  

Before that I just.. don’t spend gold on anything.  I have an army of dumpy alts for transmutes and enchants and gems and mining and stuff.  If my main ever needs anything I can always get it myself, don’t have to pay the AH.

I hear Brawlers Guild is a good way to make gold.  You can do multiple treasure runs on Isle of Thunder if you know how to farm multiple keys.  Timeless Isle drops a ton of vendor crap/tokens and pets.  

There’s different guides for how to make gold on WoW but again it does take some amount of time and effort on your part.  

The auction house is probably the largest return on investment though. When I feel like it I can earn several 10’s of thousands of gold a week. It’s a bit harder now that we’re at at the end of the expansion though, not that many people are getting new gear so the market for gems/enchants/etc. has fallen off.  Plus everyone, myself included, is dumping the stock they have in preparation for hoarding all new crap in WoD.