500 Followers. So As Promised!



My inbox is now open to requests for the entire day! 
It might take me a bit to complete them, as of course fate decided to use the week we had a big family crisis to be the week I’d hit the count. … And I promised I’d do this, but they will be done, I can be sure of that!

I’ll be doing chibis or pixel art depending on what you want me to do! :>

(Here’s some Radiv related examples)



I may also do some sketches too, but that might have to be situational given anatomy and stuff takes time and I like to be neat when it comes to gifts ;v;


I’ll do anything but porn and anthros (Nothing personal. I just can’t draw animals and complicated poses are not my forté)
If you feel the ask hasn’t gone through, feel free to hit me up here through the post or through fanmail! :>
Thanks again for all the sweetness and support! :> 

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