Guess who I drewwwwww 8 D 

Iivari! I finally got around to adjusting his body. In my head he’s powerful but agile plus his race are really tall dark skinned elves. So I slimmed him down. Now I can really see him stalking/twisting around. His movements are cat like in my head, something he picked up from hunting with his hunting cats all his life. 

His spear, Kallika, is named after his sister who through herself in front of him to protect him from their father who had lost his mind and slaughtered everyone in his path. Thanks to her Iivari was able to bring him down. 

Iivari is 6’7 ft (200.6 cm)  btw. I played around with a brush I really liked in this one. I miss my little god of war ^u^


*EDIT: Made the BG lighter. Was told it was hard to see. You’d think I’d catch onto this by now but ehhhh. It’s super clear on my computer but to other people it’s always super dark. (Macs have backlit screens) If something is ever too dark just tell me guys. I know how I am when it comes to this. I won’t get mad or anything.*