I want to get back to portrait speedpaints and instead of offering a sale on them, I decided to do 24 hour tiny little minigiveaway.


– Follow either meoproject or meocraft (or both!) — they’re both art blogs, meocraft is just my MMO (mainly wow) art blog and meoproject is original/general art blog.

– Reblogs and likes count. Reblog as many times as you want.

– This is a small giveaway with only one winner. Winner will be picked with or similar random number generator. Reblog as many times as you want to… but I’d appreciate not spamming anyone.

– I can draw OCs (including WoW/GW2 player characters [excluding worgen]) and JJBA characters.

And that’s all, I think. Only one winner, but I will call the giveaway off if there’s less than 50 reblogs/likes.

Giveaway will end 24th of July, 12:00 [noon] GMT+3 — winner will be announced in a post/an ask will be sent out

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