golden eyed elf by len-yan

Please keep it up!  And please spread it around as much as possible!  Showing what we want in such a positive, productive, and visible manner is one of the most powerful forms of advocacy out there.  And when folks keep posting artwork of their dark-skinned blood elves, Blizzard has to take notice eventually.

Locking certain ethnicities out of the loop in fantastic race representation has been a problem for a long time and not just in Warcraft land.   From novels to traditional pen-and-paper RPGs, all too often elves and the other assorted “goodly type” races get represented exclusively as fair-skinned.  It’s long past time for that to stop being the norm.  And the only way it can ever get better is to keep eroding the arbitrary barriers some put in place about “canon” or “tradition” or….cripes…”mythic resonance” and have our fun anyway.

So to those that are making artwork available for these characters: Thank you. 🙂