Dark Skinned Blood Elves



Please people, stop the dark skinned blood elves. Can we stick to how the race is supposed to be. They are so pale due to magic usage people, staph, staph eeeeeeet! Don’t kick against the lore, how meh it may be at times, it would still be grand if we all followed it ;_; (or at least us ingame…

Hi guys, can we relax a bit, yes no, maybe, please, would be cool.

Lore is not set in stone for sure, but if you’re roleplaying ingame you should respect the lore Blizzard set out for us. While the theory may apply in Science in our world, we cannot always translate that to a fantasy universe which doesn’t really follow our world and how it works.

This doesn’t mean to say that if YOU WANT TO roleplay a black elf, mexican elf or whatever damn kind of race elf you want, you can. Nobody is stopping you. Be free, use your escapism, whatever I could care less, it’s all gravy.

Her telling you that it doesn’t fit in with lore ISN’T racism. If one person tries to play that card on me or her I swear to god I will start screaming. Racism is about a hate towards a race of people. She doesn’t go hating on any races, she embraces them, but she does so following the guidelines Blizzard have set out and using logic given to us by canon means.

Now I have to say, I feel like a lot of you are bullying her at this point. You are ganging up on her and calling her racist for standing by a point about the lore of Blood elves and that’s not ok. We’re all people, let’s not forget that. Play nice kids. 😛

I haven’t seen any bullying, I’ve seen a lot of people poking holes in her flawed racist argument. So you go ahead and defend her with your shit about lore, so go ahead and tell us why it’s more important for there to be an adherence to a flawed lore than it is to have representation that makes people with darker skin maybe feel like they don’t have to be white to be normal or beautiful. Go ahead and defend that in a way that isn’t racist.

I’d just like to point this out again:

The solution to “It doesn’t make sense according to the lore”?

Write more.