Yes this was the same lore department that came up with:

The birth of Garona was orchestrated by Gul’dan, who “bred” one of his orcish warriors to a draenei female. The result was a child that, as it would be discovered later, looked surprisingly human. Gul’dan had her magically aged and tortured,[5] later also placing controls on her mind to ensure obedience.

And also:

Ten thousand years later during the Second WarNekros Skullcrusher, an orc of the Dragonmaw clan, was given the Dragon Soul by his Warchief Zuluhed. Using the awesome power of this ancient artifact, Nekros and the Dragonmaw Orcs entered to the Red dragonflight’s lair and captured Alexstrasza and her consorts, including her eldest consort Tyranastrasz. The offspring of these dragons were then used by the orcs as powerful war mounts. Alexstrasza had no choice but to succumb to this terrible slavery, lest her unborn clutches be slain at the hand of her cruel captor. 

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