sylvanas graciously moving the rune of teleportation into her throne room so that she can annoy lor’themar with her awful ideas at all times of the day 

“good news!” sylvanas windrunner grins as two fully armored val’kyr bear her down silvermoon’s palace stairs on a litter made of bones “ive finally figured out how to solve this gnomeshit city’s tourist problem! all i need is-”

im not letting you put plague in the fountains again“ lor’themar says flatly, rubbing his temples. the eye he sometimes doesn’t have twitches in annoyance. he’s learned his lesson about the ‘cheap and easy’ plague fountain plan

no really though, lor’themar and sylvanas alternating between being total and complete jackasses to each other, and together being total jackasses to everyone else is something i need like air.

mean elves. hissing to each other in thalsssian ranger’s cant during horde meetings just because thall’s robes are so damn tacky. sylvanas sending a ‘small force’ of skeletons to silvermoon to ‘brighten it up’. lor’themar getting rommath to adjust the translocation orb’s landing position three feet in the air just before he knows sylvanas is going to use it so she yells and has to go incorporeal to keep from landing on her ass (thus ruining her hairdos).

absolutely destroying anyone who threatens their hold on the northern eastern kingdoms.

i ignore sylvanas’ cata ‘changes’ just like i ignore lor’themar being an ass to her in that one book