Cusses up a storm because I used fuck twice? GJ ignoring the people who personally attacked the person who made the ‘racist’ post.


I didn’t see anybody ‘personally attack’ them. I saw a lot of people tell them that if you feel the need to preface a statement with, “I don’t mean to be rude, but—” then it’s probably rude and something you shouldn’t say. There may have been a few insults, because people rightfully get a little upset when someone uses character gift art as a venue to step all over a character’s design.

I’ve noticed that you were going after the owner of the character and accusing them of harassing this person, when they did no such thing, nor did they rile up anybody to do so. They’re entitled to reblog criticism of their character and defend it. A popular blogger isn’t some kind of reigning monarch that has direct control over what their followers say or do. I mean— you sent them an angry ask quoting my post. They didn’t ask me to make that post.

As for the cussing, you referred to peoples’ posts as bullshit a few times, called the people reacting to what happened ‘shitheads’ and ‘whiny shits’. Is the only thing you’re really going to address here your heated and insulting language? I’m personally more interested in your continued reaction and devotion to the subject matter.


This jerk seems really mad that someone said something horrible and then got called out a million times on it.

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