ok but consider this:

  • creepy draenei
  • draenei with goat eyes
  • draenei with long, whip-like tails that are completely covered in plating
  • draenei with long, sharp teeth and wide mouths that display all of them when they smile or laugh
  • draenei being mostly carnivorous and preferring their meat raw and dripping
  • draenei being omivorous and capable of eating anything (including the naga that have come ashore to azuremyst, who they have problem with hunting and eating)
  • draenei being fey-like in that they cannot lie but can detect when people lie to them immediately and it is something that sends them into a fast and volatile rage
  • being fey-like in that a portion of them are allergic to iron
  • being so long-lived that the mortal races dying of old age isn’t something they quite understand; how can one’s body simply cease to stop working for no other reason than you’ve lived long enough
  • being so long-lived that they’re late to social obligations to mortal friends by several days, because that short a length of time is nothing to them
  • being so long-lived that they forget social nuances like blinking and not staring directly at people’s eyes and not standing unnervingly still
  • draenei being a step away from being demons and having to choose to be on the side of good and light every day of their lives
  • velen being withered and gnarled and so ancient that he is something of an old and primal god, being cryptic and strange with everything he says
  • creepy draenei (◕‿◕✿)


impossibaltis said: draenei adorning themselves with phosphorescent fungus, especially from the fungal coasts of draenor

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