hey everyone! Lupin here again with another Emofuri tutorial! this time, i’m gonna teach you all how to make a PSD to import into Emote/Emofuri! now, if you’ve already made your first Emofuri animation, this isn’t going to be very hard for you! this one, though, is more complicated and includes more folders and layers for various emotions! so yeah, this one’s definitely going to be larger. for this one, i will be using this template:


this one can be found in one of the Emote PSD template folders (there’s two, this one is in the first folder). i will also be using my Oni OC for this one (she’s got those demonic red eyes and horns, yo. just putting that out there!) (EDIT: she’s done!)


DIFFICULTY:  (3.5/5 due to the insane amount of layers)

PROGRAM: Paint Tool SAI, Emofuri

OK! let’s get started, then! click the readmore if you’re interested!

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