how many of those viagra advertisements do you think oliver gets in his email inbox

overwhelming amounts

his yahoo! (he uses yahoo! because he likes the site name and remembers the old commercial jingle) mail has actually been hacked and periodically sends out spam mail of its own so his inbox is also full of MAILER DAEMON notices but he insists on using it and stubbornly refuses to use a different email because he likes this username and doesn’t want to have to figure out a new UI

and he also stubbornly refuses to use simpler communications like texting and messengers or even private facebook messages, despite having a facebook, but he only uses it to keep in touch with his son and occasionally do some light stalking of other Ebon Knights to see how they’re doing after Light’s Hope

he leaves somewhat nonsensical (but well-meaning) comments and unwarranted advice on every picture Chadley posts

when he does manage to post it’s just stuff like this