How about centaurs as bisexual parallels, though?

Can’t you just picture a centaur like, “What did you just call me? ‘Half human, half horse’? Ex-fucking-scuse me, I am ALL centaur!”

And just, constantly having people define you in terms of things that aren’t you, chopping you into parts because they can’t accept you as a whole, individual thing.

Trying to get the resources you need and constantly feeling out of place for it, because nothing is really intended for you.

“What do you mean you need horse shoes AND shirts?”

“Well sorry that my hooves wear down and that humans get fussy if I go around topless. Also, do they really have to be called HORSE shoes? I wear them and I’m not a horse.”

“OMG special snowflake, shut up. Centaur isn’t a legitimate species, just decide if you’re more of a human or a horse.”


I just have a lot of bisexual feelings about centaurs, sorry not sorry.

this is truly incredible

between this and the trans mermaid post we are going to need some new fantasy media, stat