“A prince,” Evenbreeze said aloud, sitting in a corner. “A knight in shining armor, perhaps.” The priest cocked his head and looked the death knight over. “Not exactly shining, but close enough.”

He tapped his cheek, thinking. Finally he piped up;

“You’re a little spiky for my tastes, but would you mind carrying my out of here? I seem to have lost something important to me.” To prove his point, he wiggled his stump of a leg.

The death knight raises an eyebrow “At least it is not your arm.”
Shrugging, he easily lifts the other elf up on to his shoulder. “I assume you have some destination in mind and didn’t just ask so you could enjoy the view.”

“I’ll enjoy the view regardless,” the smaller elf quipped, pleased with the turn of events.

“Somewhere safe would be nice.”

“You do realize the irony of that statement, given that I am a death knight, correct?” Tevruden goes to shrug before remembering that there was someone sitting on top of his shoulder, so he just starts to continue down the path he was on originally, hardly slowing even though he was now carrying someone. “I am sure there is someone in Silvermoon that will know what to do with you.”

“Tevruden Dawnspear.”