characters that are several centuries old calling everyone “kid”

someone finally being like “i’m not a kid i’m like in my twenties”

the character that’s several centuries old just looking at them with a deadpan expression

“i’ve been alive for hundreds of years. everyone is a kid to me. you’re a kid, kid”

honestly the incredible thing about this is Cas is 22 years older than Oliver yet would probably still call him an old man and ask what it’s like having wrinkled balls that sag far enough to hit your knees

poor guy can’t win :’)

Joke’s on him; if he’s careful Oliver’s got another few hundred/thousand years left in him before he shrivels up into a dessicated, tired corpse or his now-a-wyrm dragon decides to put him out of his misery or whatever happens to death knights when they finally exhaust themselves

Cas will just die alone in a few decades (if he’s lucky), in a street somewhere, not enough strength to swat away the moths gathering around his glowing eyes but enough energy to quietly ponder his impact on the world. Friendless, loveless, and regrettably sober.

And Oliver will teabag his corpse with his elastic, spongy zombie balls.