“Did I ever tell you what I did before I became an accountant?”

Rel, an old, old character I re-purposed and have sitting on my little shelf of characters. She’s a werewolf that is an accountant. She’s sort of creepy in that she doesn’t really mask her natural hair or eye color (after the curse changed it, of course). People at her office assume that she dyes her hair that color and that she wears the red color contacts. Rel doesn’t bother correcting them; it works well enough for her.

No one has ever found out what she did before she took up her accounting job; mainly because they die right after she tells them.

“Remember the big bad wolf? The wolf under the sheepskin? It’s surprising how long I’ve been around sweetheart; I’m the professional bad guy. But that’s old news— I’ve taught myself a few new tricks. Turned over a new leaf.”