Last we saw Thadric his near-marriage with a sweet human woman fell through at the last possible second after he was ‘encouraged’ to enlist in Sylvanas’s army and serve in Silverpine using his magical talents to invade the minds of Gilneans against his will (and theirs). When he came back from the front to a life that slowly crumbled, it became, over time, too obvious to him that many people in his world up to that point had been very, very right about one thing. 

He is Forsaken. 

Sorry Meida, Mister Thadric is a 500% Beware-The-Living stone cold killer. In a sweatervest. Casting Levitate. Maybe if you hug him he’ll get better? He’s definitely going to come back for Warlords of Draenor to be a good Horde warmachine cog if/when I re-up.

Props to Tarmduffin for helping me figure out how to change his name from Bender to something Forsaken without sounding like a corny mallgoth. 

Also just a heads up, I am totally going to be making a Commission post tomorrow. Probably opening just two slots to start off with, preferably for more like this and the previous skrimps/nitro character portraits but open to anything. 

thadric gon’ rub his yaoi claw all over us alliance scum, shudder us to death


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