rrrrRRRRGH okay so. I hate to do this, since I still have commissions due in the queue, but I might have to open up for some emergency sketch commissions because HA HA the world hates me and shit got fucked up with my card and I have exactly $1.24 for food this week and it was my week to buy groceries and Danny had to go to the dr. for an infection and Alisha doesn’t get paid til Friday SO BASICALLY WE’RE FUCKED TIL FRIDAY if I can’t drum up some quick cash 

so uh

I guess this is an interest check? I can probably livestream them too if you want, and if livestream behaves

I guess headshot sketches for $5 each, like this but a little more cleaned up:


And then for $10 something more like this (but no complicated armor or mechanical bits please that is for my own sanity):



don’t message me here if you’re interested because the tumblr messaging system sucks, send me an email at welovedogslug (at) gmail (dot) com or send me an im on AIM at welovedogslug