After much demand, I have decided to post it.

If you win this game, everybody’s losing.

(disclaimer that some of these traits are not individually bad, this is just for fun)

My paladin ticks off three of these boxes himself.

Alright some of these are fucking bullshit and I’m going to go into them.

“Displays Real World Prejudices” Y’all can’t call “High Fantasy” on World of Warcraft just because you want your RP to be LBGT friendly and lack the -isms. We have racism, factionalism and by god the races of Azeroth are near extinction in most cases so REPRODUCTION is a must. Those that don’t choose to help reproduce, end up getting hate. Huh, curious. That’s not true homophobia but the way the word is uses is not truly to the definition.

Words like “slut” “whore” etc were all used in the middle ages and the dark ages. Why the fuck can’t people use them? Are you kidding me?

What the fuck is wrong with a lawful good paladin? THEY ARE FUCKING PALADINS OF THE LIGHT! YALL ARE FUCKING INSANE!

Also the Light was based around Christianity prior to Vanilla launching, Blizzard changed it for the sake of “avoiding” drama OOCly with PR. It’s why they avoid shit like LBGT shit and Feminism as MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Because its a PR nightmare for any writer. Y’all need to take your RL shit and shove it. Seriously.

And I have it clocked at… 40 minutes, that’s a new record!