It’s utterly sweltering today, so I’m just gonna recycle a load of my art and maybe do some very simple scribbles to demonstrate what I’m getting at before I collapse into a fit of heat frustration!
(Summer is my angry month! D:)

I thought it best to make a guide, so that people who are interested in making a jeiran oc, or just a jeiran version of a character they own, they have the resources at hand!

… It’s also so I don’t have to get grumpy or sad-faced if they make a Jeiran that breaks the lore I wrote for them. I’m literally giving you lore right now 😀

Government and Religion
Jeiran Society
Education, Family and Reproduction

Anyway! Let’s not waste any more time and get into yet another segment of Jeiran learny-wearnies! This time, it’s:


The fun, character creating stuff! Yay!

If you have any questions or suggestions (because I feel I’ve probably missed out some details), feel free to hit me up with an ask, or simply reblog with your question and I’ll get back to you!
And yes, this basically means they’re now an openish race. If you have an idea for a jeiran, or a design in mind, give this a read and the other stuff too for lore and whatnot!
Also if you make a jeiran, tag is as Jeiran and I’ll give it some love. 

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