Oh look. I finally did the thing.


I’m open for commissions! Sticking to static characters… for now.


      Since most of my audience tends to be WoW players, the prices here include a charge for characters both with and without complex armor— fancy regalia with spikes, filigrees, chains and glow effects take a lot more time than just plain clothing, so cost slightly more.

I’m open to slightly negotiating prices and types of drawings— like if you want me to cut out the shoulders of a bust and just do the face and neck for a lower price.

As always, I don’t do exclusively WoW! I’ll draw for other MMOs, OCs, anthro, canon characters from whatever shows/comics/anime, just about anything. Only things I won’t do are explicit material (plain nudes or some mild body horror are fine), mechs (I’m just terrible at them I’m sorry), and anything generally tasteless or offensive.

The “lineart” bit in the (misc) section is a newer option. Don’t like doing lineart? I do! I’ll clean up and outline your sketches to make them color-ready for you. Charge varies depending on the size and complexity of the character(s) but will usually fall within the 8.00-12.00 range.

I’ll send you a sketch for review before coloring and a “finished” preview for any revisions before payment and posting. Additional revisions will have a small charge. I take paypal only (USD), and I’ll give you the address for that after the first review.

I’m opening three slots to start!

Contact me at for a slot! Message me there or here on tumblr if you have any questions but I won’t count messages here toward slots because the ask/fanmail system is super buggy and difficult to communicate over.

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