Links to examples

Sketchy Headshots: OneTwo

Lined HeadshotsOneTwoThreeFour

  • I don’t have any colored headshots examples yet, but they’ll be colored like the fullbody examples.

Fullbody: OneTwo

Contact Info: You can send me an ask if you wanna try using Tumblr or an email to with “Commission” or something like that as the subject.

What I’ll do: Your MMO characters

no nsfw and i cant do backgrounds you can ask for bgs n i can try but i make no promises

no couples either

im more scared of you than you are of me thats my only promise 

also for right now ill take wildstar in game currency for art too if thats more your thing

I recommend this isn’t worth what they are asking. I wouldn’t even pay a cent for these poorly drawn pieces.

Reblogging this to make sure everyone can see how much of a shitty person they are for doing that on someone’s commission post.