Horde PvP Guide


Hello!  I’ve been doing a lot of PvP on my Horde characters lately, and I just wanted to do a quick little guide for anyone who wants to step into PvP Horde-side!  This is really easy, just four steps, and you’ll be ready to PvP.

STEP ONE: Hit the “h” key on your keyboard to bring up the PvP menu.  It will look a little like this (I use something that re-skins my menus, don’t worry if yours isn’t exactly the same!)


STEP TWO: Click the icon that looks like a pair of dice.  That will bring up another little menu.


STEP THREE:  Uncheck Alterac Valley and Isle of Conquest


STEP FOUR: Queue for a battleground!

There you go!  You are now ready to PvP!  Just make sure you never re-check those boxes!

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