Hey nerds! 
As my followers, you should know I’ve been after *hisses* Aeonaxx for about 3 weeks now, it doesn’t sound like a lot of time but it’s really starting to take it’s toll on my sanity just hovering about in that rocky zone waiting to see a dumb drakes face.
Anyway, because you guys are such good sports and have been putting up with my dumb ranty posts and have been giving me such kind words, I want to chub-ify your characters! 
Help me fight boredom by letting me draw dumb little headshots/busts of your babies!

How this works:-

  • You reblog/like this post for two entries.
  • Every weekday starting Monday (16/06/2014) I will use a RNG to pick 3 of you and draw a chub of your choice of character! I work weekends/take a break from camping then, so none of these then, sorry! 
  • One chub per person. If the RNG picks out your name again, I’m afraid you won’t get a second character as I want to try give lots of people a chance!
  • I won’t be making a new post, just this one to keep going around! 
  • Followers only please!!
  • I will be doing this up until I get Aeonaxx, so if I don’t draw your name before I get the drake, I’m sorry! Who knows, maybe I’ll get bored and resume drawing chubs for the rest of y’all though. No promises.
  • I am going away on the 27th June to go spend time with my boyfriend though up until the 6th August. If I haven’t recieved Aeonaxx by this time, I’m afraid there’ll be a stand still on these until I am back. Sorry. 
  • I will require a visual reference. 
  • No worgen or tauren please. I’ve tried to chub-ify them but it hasn’t really been a successful process.

Recent Chub Examples: [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]

Sorry for all the text lmao ;m ;
But yeah, good luck to you all! I look forward to drawing your babies. :>
And thank you all for putting up with me being such a whiny butt. <3