no tho srsly

the artists that i follow (and even ones i haven’t found yet.  if you draw or paint or do anything of the sort, let me know, ok?) are so very good at drawing, and watching you learn and grow and do what you enjoy makes me so happy i’m so proud of you guys

keep doing what you love

even if you think it’s shitty, it really isn’t.  it’s a learning exercise and you’re doing so well.  every drawing is a new step and if you keep working at it you’ll just get better and better

it’s like any skill.  focus, try your best, study when you have the time.  just keep going.  your work is beautiful and know that i and no doubt others will and do appreciate it.

i know it’s hard to keep your head up about your work when it seems everything you churn out is shit, but what i’ve learned is that when you think your art is bad?  that means your eye has gone ahead of your hand, so you can see where you’ve gone wrong.  but your hand will catch up soon, so keep working at it.

trust me i am a bug.