People still make snide comments on that priest/psychic scream/resist comic, like “never run out into middle noob lol, healers should stay in the back omg u suk” 

and it’s like..


if you hang back in random BGs or dungeons doing literally nothing but healing? that’s completely fine

but that is NOT the only way to successfully play a healer or ANY role in ANY environment! seriously have you ever opened your spellbook and read all the shit your class/spec is capable of lol

in rated PVP you DO have to respond to certain situations by playing offensively, you DO have to use your other abilities besides Heal1 and Heal2.  This is true in PVE as well.  You dont need to play as a healer to understand why being proactive is extremely important and why an aggressive healer can make a huge difference in any competitive environment.

knowing what your spec is capable of and knowing how/when to take advantage of it in any given situation is what differentiates high rated/progressed players and teams from others

it’s just really amazing to me that some people can’t fathom playing more than 1 way?? ? and then they call me bad because fear resisted lol

But Lobster, learning my class is hard, I don’t want to put in that kind of effort!