okay let’s talk about my suburban au where everyone is hot and no one ever dies or tuRNS EVIL FOR NO REASON.

so obviously the street is p much ran by sylvanas & tyrande, the lesbian power couple, whose fav past time is sitting at their porch judging whatever thrall is wearing. (sometimes lor’themar joins them.)

garrosh and varian are mma fighters (varian quit after anduin was born), garrosh got the nickname “hellscream” for his ferocious battle roar and varian “the king” because ain’t no one fucking with that.

garrosh totally plays wow and anduin talks him over to play alliance with him. the result is usually more than obscene and most of the time ends up with garrosh being kicked out of groups and put on ignore (and maybe a trashed headset or two.)

varian has a sick back tattoo, idea from anon.

baine, vol’jin, lor’themar and thrall used to try to calm garrosh down when his temper ran bit too hot with varian but now they’ve just given up and usually bet on the last man standing.

also everyone is hella gay.

This concept is about the best thing ever I would like to have Baine and Vol’jin and Garrosh as my boyfriends please. Seriously, these designs are awesome I love the way you draw faces!