Elle hates Ith so much right now, with the passion of someone who hates one of their best friends. He was so -stupid- and -cruel- to the people he claims to love most, and she can’t understand how in all fel he decided it was ok. He doesn’t get how people work, never asked if it was alright, just made demands and put his desires above everyone else.

That on top of him bringing dead bodys to her clinic, attacking her while in withdrawls and the whole drug problems which she slaved over getting him clean… she’s so frustrated and mad she can’t speak to him, think about him, or even relate in any small way. Elle’s pissed off and can’t deal with him, even if she still cares about his wellbeing.

Yeah, I forgot about the dead body…

How and why do you forget about a dead body??

It’s pretty easy, Tev forgets about them all the time.