Sean: art is about butts.
Me: No. It’s about boobs.
Sean: No, art is objectively about butts.
Me: No it’s about boobs.
Sean: Everyone has butts
Me: Everyone has boobs, if you count moobs.
Sean: Moobs are not nearly as attractive as boobs
Me: Fine. Everyone has nipples. Therefore, art is about nipples.
Sean: If you draw nipples, they can get censored, butts can’t
Me: Yes they can
Sean: Yes but you can clothe a butt and it’s not censored
Me: You can clothe nipples and not be censored.
Sean: But you can’t  have every single drawing be of really stiff nipples under shirts.
Me: Is that a challenge.

Lesson in this? You can all blame Sean for the future of my art.

He’s wrong though. You know who doesn’t have a butt?

That’s right.