good 2 no

I wasn’t aware that having a conversation with my friends was a rude thing to do

Here’s an idea dumbass, instead of griping and bitching OOC about the draenei that are speaking their own goddamned language maybe just maybe you should try, I don’t know, walking up to them IC and saying hello. In common. Because maybe, here’s a thought, they’re speaking their own language because they’re talking to each other and not talking to a human/night elf/dwarf/gnome/worgen/pandaren. Maybe they are having a conversation with each other.

Maybe if you want to have a fucking conversation with someone you should walk up to them and say hello instead of bitching about all of the reasons why you can not. Because those reasons are fabricated bullshit. Your hands aren’t broken, your keyboard isn’t broken, your ability to type certainly isn’t broken, and the language our characters speak to each other has little bearing on your ability to approach and say hi.

So buck up grow a set of balls and RP if you want to RP. If we didn’t want to RP with people, we’d be off in some corner of Shattrath.