So this is going to be a somewhat difficult request to make (and wow am I having to check my spelling, typing is hard) but okay here I go

does anyone on WRA with 90k gold on A-side want to swap for 90k gold on H-side? I’d normally try to xfer gold via neutral AH (BANE OF MY EXISTENCE) but it takes a huge cut and that’s hard to earn back. So like I give you 90k from my horde toon and you give 90k to my ally toon.

Obviously this takes a pretty high level of trust so I’d prefer to do this with someone I ~know~ but I’m willing to have that trust in people

I just need that 90k on my ally toon and not my horde toon and I don’t want to take a giant chunk out of it to transfer

I’m reblogging this at a more reasonable hour and also with a more sober explanation—

I have 90k gold on my horde character and I want to get that over to my Alliance character so I can pool it and make a hefty purchase. If I use the neutral AH to do this, I’ll take a pretty nasty hit from its cut (15% I think) so I’d prefer to make a trade with someone so I’m not out several thousand gold. I’ll give 90k to a Horde toon of yours in exchange for 90k given to my Alliance toon.

I’d be willing to give the money first as a show of trust.

This all assuming anybody a-side even has 90k to give but it’s worth a shot ;_;