Dee’s Quick and Dirty Commissions Post

Okay so basically we’re a little short on cash right now so I’m hunting for a job and I’m going to take three commissions to help get a little cash for gas and whatnot.

  • Sketches are basically what they say on the tin.  Nothing too fancy, but scanned and done with a quick overlay of two colors of your choice in Photoshop. These are done on 5.5” x 8.5” sketch paper.  $8
  • Inked + One Color are a sketch with inked lines and one main color in Photoshop (and generally another one tossed in the background, like in the example.  These are also on 5.5” x 8.5” paper. $12
  • Small colored ones are either clean inks and copic marker or sketch and watercolor.  These are small, generally 5.5” x 8.5” or less. $15
  • Large watercolors are done on 9” x 12” Bristol or watercolor paper and are clean pencil lines plus color.  These are the most time-consuming to do and will take a little bit for turnaround.  $45

All of these can be shipped to you for an additional $10 in the US (including packing supplies).  International clients, please contact me for a shipping quote.  I can insure these, as well.

Please send all inquiries to .  Payment is due up-front, turnaround depends on what you’re commissioning- either a day or two to a few weeks.  Please check this post on my blog to see if there’s a spot before emailing.  I’m not offering digital art commissions at the moment- all of these are for traditional media (thus they can be shipped to you!).

All prices are for single characters without complex armor.  Complex armor + weapons are extra but can be done.  I can do anthro art but if you ask me for mechas I will cry.


  1. OPEN
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  3. OPEN

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