Month: May 2014

beastlyart: Well, that happened.


Well, that happened.



If vanilla WoW was launched today it would sputter and die in a few short months.

lightandwinged and I were just talking about this after my earlier post. Aside from the fact that the industry has come leaps and bounds as far as graphics and stability go, the industry as a whole is also geared so much more in the direction of casual players and will continue to be whether this tiny treehouse full of clowns crying for vanilla difficulty likes it or not.

Nobody has time. The game came out ten years ago, and a fair chunk of its userbase is 10 years older than it was back then. The ones who were 16 and spent 3pm-2am in Molten Core after getting home from school are now 26 and have jobs and rent to pay, are finishing graduate school, or have babies.

Blizzard wants to keep these people as much as it wants to keep its younger generation of players, and these people don’t have nine hours straight to dedicate to a single activity. But they might have three hours, and what do you know? That’s how long it takes our guild to clear SoO. The 16-year-olds with nine hours to kill are now free to spend those spare six hours doing the multitude of other achievements and activities the game offers.

Or, y’know. Read a book or something. Anything but spending nine hours of your day in a goddamn raid, because seriously, fucking nobody misses that.

This is all I am going to say about that:

afd-2006-02-06:22:50  You create: [Soul Pouch].

afd-2006-02-06:22:50  that was a profitable four hour




I love when people that are like 15-17 years old reminisce over vanilla wow and hold it up on a pedestal

you still believed in santa claus when that shit came out please don’t

One of these days I will go back into my IRC chatlogs and compile a list of every single bug that was complained about in vanilla and just post it reply to every ciclejerk nostalgia thread.

Please oh please do this.

I think the only thing I could say Vanilla held over the game’s current incarnation was the feeling of accomplishment, even in relatively small tasks like “I finally saved up 600g for my epic mount” or “I finally got a group to kill Nathanos Blightcaller”. But part of the reason accomplishment felt so good was due to how unenjoyable the buildup was, especially if you weren’t a poopsocker in a 40-man guild.

Rose-tinted nostalgia goggles at their foggiest.

I’m actally looking at it now and I am finding gems like

“I keep having to go back and put 1 point in three- or five-point talents so I can get to the next tier”


And its sequel:

“some asshole closed my mail window by opening a trade window without asking”


17:06 <@Zibro> Poke how would I

17:07 <@Poke_> By raiding

17:07 <@Zibro> It’s the same reason I won’t level a priest, I’d want to get all the best +dmg stuff and be some gay pvp priest but I would never be able to

17:08 <@Zibro> Poke who is my shaman going to raid with, I wouldn’t be able to do anything but 20 man instances and maybe MC

Some things never change:

2006-04-23:15:34 <> also Blink is the buggiest spell ever coded

hamsterloki: teatigercafe: quick goblin girl sketch. Based on World of Warcraft goblin girls :D too cute!



quick goblin girl sketch. Based on World of Warcraft goblin girls 😀

too cute!