My favorite thing about Koltira and Thassarian is that Thassarian literally murdered Koltira (and his brother) and then they’re just bros and completely gay at each other

pretty much lol

idk I always figured Koltira intended to kill Thassarian someday in retribution but was waiting till he was strong enough, maybe waiting for the chance to do it, and maybe over time his hate starts to dim and he just never does it

but maybe Thassarian knows what his intentions are (or were) and that’s why he’s so invested in keeping Koltira safe and “alive”


if someone’s finally gonna put him out of his misery, finally put him to rest

he hopes Koltira will be the one to do it

I always liked to think that right after he was raised, Koltira would attack Thassarian hoping to kill him. However, since Thass had been killed earlier, (and a plate-wearer before he had died) he was bit more skilled than Koltira and would typically win. Eventually the goal moved from ‘kill Thassarian’ to ‘beat Thassarian’, and then eventually Koltira just enjoyed the fighting.