Yeah Thass was much more proficient in combat by the time he fought Koltira. He devoted a good chunk of his life to perfecting his swordsmanship for the military after all, but they were kinda right about him being a leader lol (even if most of uhh troop mishaps weren’t directly his fault maybe).

At the same time, how old is Koltira?  Had he seen combat before the Scourge Invasion?  Was he even a warrior?  I thought he was kind of a ranger..?  I really don’t know lol.  There’s so little info on elven military stuff and I HATE IT LOL.

like barkentin said, he does use an arrow (and he is also a skilled tracker), so idk!  he read more as warrior to me, but (also as barkentin said) the art isn’t very clear

age isn’t clear either … i tend to think of him as young.  the shades in that one quest call him a ‘boy’ but who the frick knows what that translates to in elf time.  certainly i think he’s physically older than thassarian, and he may have fought trolls before, but it seemed like his job was basically guarding that temple.  and going to banquets

Same, I figured with the harassing he did of his brother that, while he was the older one, he wasn’t that much older, and that he was still fairly young by elf standards.