Like, I purposefully went and solo’d Karazhan to earn Gorehowl for my Death Knight and you can’t lie about Gorehowl’s size. It’s an important weapon that’s been in the franchise since the Second War and is known by almost everyone to be that enormous axe that Grom and Garrosh both used.

Everyone who’s played either the RTS or the MMO knows what this weapon looks like. They know it’s size and appearance and reputation and the fact that it’s historically been wielded by two eight feet tall super orcs and whatnot. So, why the fuck would you shrink it if given to a woman?

It makes no sense and is clearly just sexism and I just uggggggggghh.

instead of blaming sexism, have you ever thought about the fact that maybe, just maybe, it does that for every weapon? last time i checked it scaled it for EVERY weapon, and LOGICALLY SPEAKING, a giant fucking axe is really fucking heavy and weither you like it or not, women are not built to carry around a fucking tree trunk of an axe in one arm, minus VERY few women, orc or otherwise.

i mean really, can you imagine a gnome carrying around a correctly scaled gorehowl in game? he would use it as a vaulting pole.

also proportions.


So, the idea that a woman is not built to handle the same level of physical exertion as a man (regardless of whether they’re orcs, humans, elves, or fucking gnomes) is incredibly cissexist and I was going to refute your other points, but that right there proved to me it wasn’t worth the effort.

Almost every weapon (and piece of armor) in WoW is absolutely insane in terms of real-world size and weight.  The only excuse I can come up for anything in that game is “a wizard did it”.  Therefore, it’s absolutely asinine to argue about a weapon’s size and saying it’s too big for someone to use.  Almost EVERY WEAPON in the game is too big/heavy for someone to use effectively in the real world.

Therefore, a female orc can use a tree trunk if she likes, because weapon sizes in that game for any gender are derp.

Source:  I am a medieval history nerd and longsword fencer.

(Not responding to anything else.  Just got off work, and I ain’t dealing with derp arguments.)

Also, ilu lady.

A lot of the scaling in game doesn’t make any sense and is kind of inconsistent anyway- like, mounts actually GROW in size when Gnomes ride them. I’d normally like to blame designers trying to avoid clipping issues with certain things by scaling them closer to model size, but then over in the other corner we have Armageddon that actually becomes larger when equipped by female characters (at least humans).



There’s basically no rhyme or reason to it and like Lena said, everything is so ridiculously proportioned anyway that it doesn’t make sense to scale something down slightly for any sake of ~realism~ when nothing else is ~realistic~ in the first place. These women are magically-enhanced fighters, not soft-armed rich housewives that have never lifted a sword in their life.

Orc shoulders have proven that blizzard can’t scale anything correctly. Let’s move on to the next topic: What does Olver look like if he were a woman?