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Hello, people! I’ve been planning on running another headshot sale for a while now, and I was originally supposed start this sale on next week, after the couples sale ended, but I… really can’t wait to try out my new commission system…

I’m offering fully colored headshots for 5 usd for one – 13 usd for three. Paypal payment only! By default the headshots will have white or simple color splash background, but for 50 cent extra I can make the background transparent!

I can draw original characters, World of Warcraft player characters (excluding worgen), Guild Wars 2 characters and JJBA characters (both canon and fan characters).

I can draw human characters and furry characters alike. I do not draw real life people, and I do not draw from photo references or written references. You can use those to supplement picture references, but if I need to extensively refer from photos or text you will be subjected to extra charge of 2 usd.

The estimated turnaround is from 2 days to 2 weeks after, and I will personally inform you of any delays after that.

If you are interested in commissioning me, either send me an email ( with reference pictures and your paypal for invoice, or fill out THIS FORM which will send me a direct notification of your commission inquiry.

Thank you for your interest, I appreciate everyone who commissions me and everyone who decides to spread the word!

E-MAIL: // Commission Form

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